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1. General Warranty Overview

At My we pride ourselves on the quality of the products we procure and supply to our valued customers. On the rare occasion that an issue occurs, you can trust that we will investigate the issue, and should any defect be identifiable as a product quality issue, we will replace free of charge.
For any product that is replaced within the warranty period, the warranty runs for the remainder of the original warranty period.

This warranty does not affect your statutory rights.


2. 3rd Party Warranties

Any issues relating to products that are supplied from 3rd party specialists which carry their own manufacturer/supplier guarantees including (not exhaustive) – gas or electrical appliances, luxury worktops, sinks, taps etc, must be raised directly with the manufacturer.


3. Transfer

Please note that the My warranty is NOT transferable between homeowners after the original purchase.


4. Claims

Claims made under the warranty must be made via the My office.

All claims will be subject to sufficient evidence being provided to determine that there is a product issue.

A physical inspection may be required to determine the nature of the issue. This also applies to issues relating to installation where products were procured on a ‘Supply & Install’ basis.

As such, My agree to provide the following

Any carcass, frontage, panel or associated components which fail as a result of sub-standard materials or workmanship (if supply and service was provided), within 2 years.

Any non third party worktop that fails as a result of sub-standard materials or workmanship, within 2 years. Third party worktops will be subject to being reported to the service provider under their warranty terms and conditions.

In the event of discontinuation of a product, we reserve the right to offer a suitable alternative product to the same/higher specification/value, (and in keeping with the remainder of the kitchen), from within our existing range of products.


5. Conditions of the warranty

  • Fitting – All products supplied by My must be fitted compliant to industry standards. Instructions on fitting can be provided if you are not using a My authorized Installer
  • Usage – The furniture should be subject to normal domestic use only. Items should not be exposed to extremes of heat or moisture.
  • Inspections – All goods must be inspected on delivery, or installation (where completed by My), and any defective material reported immediately.
  • Maintenance/Cleaning – Adequate care and maintenance has been carried out as described in the ‘care of units’ leaflet available from My.
  • Transfer – This warranty is non-transferable
  • Warranty Period & Evidence – Any claim relating to this warranty must be received in writing at our office address (with accompanying/appropriate) evidence within the warranty period for it to be considered valid.
  • 3rd Party Costs – My will not be held liable for any additional 3rd party costs relating to the replacement of any products outside of those required to install said defective items.
  • Other cost claims – My will not be liable for any claims resultant from unforeseen delays in the provision of goods or services which may result in claims such as (not exhaustive) – homeowner time off for repairs, aborted fitting/3rd party costs, loss of earnings etc
  • Product Availability – should any product or material not be readily available or become ‘discontinued’, we reserve the right to substitute with similar


6. Warranty Exclusions

This warranty is only valid where products have been installed and used in a domestic environment.


7. General exclusions include:

  • general wear and tear from homeowner usage
  • any element/product that has been altered from originally supplied or installed state
  • scratches or dents on any product arising from normal use and/or those reported outside the specified time period
  • poor repairs or installation/product issues resulting from works by someone other than a My instructed Installer
  • issues believed to be as a result of misuse, neglect or exposure to inappropriate substances (such as abrasive cleaning products etc)
  • any failure to follow the ‘Care & Maintenance” advice
  • mould growth on product surfaces due to water damage, excessive humidity or exposure to external weather elements
  • any general maintenance requirements, i.e. Adjustment of hinges, or the fitting of any replacement components provided
  • colour variation – Our suppliers will use best endeavours but cannot guarantee to provide totally matching colours when replacements or additional products are requested


8. Sink locations

we strongly advise against designs that position any sink closer than 300mm from a worktop joint or edge. We will not accept liability for any claim relating to issues such as blown worktops etc where installation has breached this recommendation.

Whilst we accept that with some kitchens this is unavoidable due to size constraints and installation of white goods, we do not accept responsibility for issues of this nature where the 300mm threshold has been breached.

Sinks installed within 300mm of the joints are susceptible to an increased chance of excessive water exposure and subsequent ingress into these joints, resulting in failures outside our control.


7. General Product Performance

Many products are manufactured using natural materials (or man-made materials that look and perform like natural materials). The look, feel and performance of these materials can change during the lifespan of the product. As such, we do not consider these to be a defect.

These include (without limitation):

  • Minor colour differences as components can react differently to different light sources/angles
  • Woodgrain patterns on natural or man-made products that are not uniform
  • Products that have settled/mellowed throughout their lifespan as a result of exposure to sunlight or other environmental factors